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1977年生まれ 。茨城県出身/東京都在住
11年務めた衣料品メーカーで自社製品のデザインイラストを担当。2017年に独立。手描きによる動きのある線、ポップな色、遊び心を大切にしながらアウトドアスタイルアート、アートブランド「YOOHOO! (ヤッホー)」を中心に制作。

Hiroaki Ushioda is a Tokyo based illustrator, born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1977. He took charge of design & illustration for the products of an apparel brand that he worked for 11 years. He has become a freelance illustrator in 2017. He creates mainly outdoor style art and for his original art brand “YOOHOO!”using his unique hand-drawn lines, pop colors and playful style.

© Hiroaki Ushioda. All Rights Reserved.

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